It’s been nearly a year since I was in the Ogwen Valley. The last time was to complete my Mountain Leader Assessment with Louise Tully and the team. This time I was blessed with fantastic conditions, good visibility and good company!

On the first day I spotted dippers at a waterfall next to Ogwen cottage. Typically, I then spent the following days on the lookout for these illusive birds. No luck this time. Seen and heard many but not a single shot! The most exciting thing I spotted was a green sandpiper on the edge of Lyn Ogwen…

Apart from that, it was pretty much exclusively sheep and landscapes which I focused on!

I love the Ogwen valley because it’s usually quieter than the area surrounding Snowdon. The peaks are impressive and stunning and the geological processes which formed the ranges are shown in stark relief all around. Around Lyn Idwal alone you can see erratics, striations, moraines, and dozens of metamorphic rock formations. It’s a remarkable and beautiful place and I’m already counting down the days until I can go back!

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