Well that sounds far more dramatic than it really was. In actuality, I had the pleasure of seeing my sister get married on Saturday 7th August. I got extremely drunk. Danced like a lunatic and then limped 14 hours north to Findhorn, Scotland the day after.

The drive was long and painful but that was entirely self inflicted so to be honest I only have myself to blame. I camped en route in my new (old) TentBox on what I thought was a quiet side road off the M1. Unfortunately I discovered it was an access road for industrial traffic at about 03:00. So when I did eventually make it to Findhorn I was running on fumes!

I started work the next day and the good folk at Wild Things were unbelievably accommodating and friendly. Wild Things is an environmental education charity which works on bringing all sorts of people into nature. From forest schools to mental health work, or angsty teenagers to old peoples homes every day has been different and exciting so far.

I’m working for them as a Field Instructor teaching people about wildlife, tracking, conservation, bushcraft and foraging. There’s a lot for me to learn and I’m surrounded by very knowledgable and passionate individuals so I’m hoping I come away with more than I’ve arrived with!

I have had the opportunity to get out with the camera and see some of the wildlife – which is predominantly midges! However the last of the terns are about to head off for their annual migration. There are also seals literally right on my doorstep. So I’ve been out a lot working with them. I also have a few more weeks with the ospreys before they head off too!

Loads to crack on with while I’m here until December! Plenty of wildlife and… so far… plenty of sun!

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