There is a very particular style of photography called “Macro” which essentially covers everything small and up close. In commercial photography this is normally fancy shots of things like wedding rings and the human eye. In wildlife photography this is insects! Now… this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a challenge and provides an opportunity to work with subjects which don’t run away (or at least don’t run far!)

In order to get good macro shots, you need a decent dedicated macro lens and a diffuser. The former allows a good quality image up close without distortion and the latter “softens” the light. This soft light is arguably more important than the lens itself! Because you’re dealing with subjects super close to the camera, you don’t have much light hitting the sensor. So you need to use a flash which ordinarily has very harsh, bright light. A diffuser goes over the flash and creates a much more useful light.

anyway… enough rambling! Here’s a selection of macro shots over the years…

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