So you’ve got yourself a swanky new camera! You’ve learnt a little about the light triangle; you’ve got to grips with shutter speed and you’ve just about worked out how to take a decent photo but your images still don’t look like the ones you see on Instagram – they’re dark, or fuzzy, or a bit flat and unimpressive. I’ve been there…

In this workshop, we can meet via Zoom (or in person if we’re local) and we can work through your images. I’ll give you my suggestions and tips and tricks and I’ll explain all the ridiculously complicated jargon which can be found within editing software like Lightroom and CaptureOne.


90 minute session – £50

2x 90 minute session £90

It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by terms like “clarity”, “noise reduction” and “luminosity” but after a 90 minute session you’ll feel confident in how to extract, edit and export your images.

PLUS! the bonus of Zoom meetings is that we can meet at your times and convenience. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced photographer, we can all benefit from an outsider’s perspective on our workflow.

Small print: I used CaptureOne for my own post processing but I have a lot of experience with Lightroom too. This workshop will require you to have some form of editing software and you’ll have to explain what you have in advance of our meeting.

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