We’re blessed in Scotland to have a huge range of habitats and environments but do you know how to navigate them all? As a bushcraft instructor and mountain leader, I have years of experience taking groups into forests and mountains. If you’d like to know more, or to book me for a trip, just use the contact tab at the bottom of the page…

Scottish Bushcraft Tours

These tours are highly specialised to your own interests and passions. They can cover anything from fire lighting, shelter building, navigation, wildlife tracking, animal behaviour and many more. Rather than an itinerary, I have put a short description of what can be covered in these days. In your enquiry, let me know what you’d like to do and we’ll tailor your day just for you!


Fire is what has allowed humanity to evolve and is at the very core of our species. However, not many people know how to light a fire from scratch. There are a number of different ways to light a fire and in this module, I’ll show you a few of them.

Animal Tracking

As wildlife move around the environment, it leaves a number of tell tale tracks and signs. In this module, I’ll show you what to look for when following animals around the beautiful Caledonian forests of Scotland. You’ll even get hands on with skulls, bones and poo (if you want to)! Yuck!


Do you want to know how to get around a map safely and confidently? In this module, I’ll show you how to orientate a map, read contour lines, use a compass and much more. This is ideal for those who want to explore the world a little more.

Shelter Building

One of the pillars of survival is shelter. It needs to be weatherproof, sturdy and potentially long lasting. In this module, I’ll show you a few different den building techniques and we’ll try and make our own! This is a great option for families with children.


Finding food in the forest can be hugely rewarding and can open up a whole world of adventure. Depending on the season, we will look for edible plants from mushrooms to berries, as well as show you some of the things to avoid! This module is seasonal so be sure to check first.


Do you like all things creepy crawly? In this module, I’ll show you how to identify a multitude of insects and invertebrates in loads of different environments. This is a great module for those who like to get into the little things of the world! I’ll supply magnifying pots and ID charts so you can explore the area.

Whittling and Knifework

Safe tool use can be really rewarding and fun. Knowing how to maintain your knife and how it can be used to split wood, little, carve and cook is an invaluable skill. In this module you’ll even end up with a souvenir mushroom to take home with you!

Botany and Fungi

We spend a lot of time in forests looking at the ground but do you ever want to look up? in this module we will talk through what makes up the plant life of the forests. There will be plenty of plant ID and maybe even a little foraging! by the end you will be able to confidently tell the difference between a Scots pine and a Douglas fir, between a hawthorn and a blackthorn or between a chanterelle from a winter chanterelle!

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