Queen of the River was the first “proper” wildlife video I made. I spent days following and filming this gorgeous female kingfisher. I was particularly proud of the underwater hunting shots.
Badgers are one of the most illusive mammals we have in the UK. Despite this, they are in fact surprisingly common! In this video, I tackle the questions on how to find them and what to look for.
Red Squirrels are our endemic species of squirrel. Their steady decline due to the introduction of grey squirrels has lead them to only be found in Scotland and remote locations of England. In this video, I show you what to look for and where to find these adorable animals.
I was hugely fortunate to get over to the Isle of Mull in 2021. Whilst there, I tracked down a very obliging dog otter which allowed me to get some extraordinary shots of him hunting.
Red Deer are found all over the UK but they are particularly prevalent in the Scottish highlands where they have booming populations all across the region. Join me as I trek across heathland looking for these majestic mammals.
Troup Head is an RSPB reserve on the north east coast of Scotland. It’s home to thousands of gannets and other sea birds. In this video, I hang off the side of a cliff, talking about these magnificent birds
Rockpooling has always been one of my favourite pastimes. From holidaying in Jersey all my life, I have gradually learned a huge amount about the shoreline habitat. Join me as I turn over some stones and get stuck in a rather impressive downpour!

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